Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for camp?

In mid to late January, registration for 2020 Summer Camps will be available online by clicking any of the "Register for 2020 Summer Camps!" buttons listed on the website (like the one below). You can register for any and every camp, all from the same place.

*Payment: You can pay for camps online via credit card or by selecting the "Pay by Check" option. Regardless of which payment option you choose, all registration information will be collected online. If you choose the 'Pay by Check' option, payment should be sent immediately.   If payment is not received within 10 days, we reserve the right to cancel the registration. Acceptance into the camp is on a 'first come, first serve' basis, therefore if the camp is filled before your payment is received, you will be put on a waitlist.


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation fees will not apply for summer 2020 camps due to COVID19.

We will contact you immediately once we hear a final decision from the university about the camp status. 

If you paid by check, a full refund of the camp price will be returned.  

If you paid by credit, we will refund the camp price minus processing fees. 


What should my child pack for camp?

Socks, kneepads, court shoes, flip flops, t-shirts (short/long sleeve), shorts, water bottle, spending money for lunch OR a bring a sack lunch and spending money for the camp store.


Where do I drop off my camper?

Campers may be dropped off in front of Bender Arena or you may park in the KATZEN ARTS CENTER (KAC) on Massachusetts Ave. and walk your camper over to Bender Arena.  Parking in KAC is roughly $1 per 30 minutes.  Parking is not available in the Sports Center garage except on the weekends or after 5pm on weekdays.



Where do I go for check-in on the first day?

Check in on the first day of all camps will start at 8:00am (1:00pm for Prospects Camp) in Bender Arena.  Camp begins at 9:00am each day (1:30pm for day one of Prospects Camp).  Drop off for subsequent camp days is at 8:40am.


Where do I pick up my child once camp has ended?

Please park in Katzen Arts Center (KAC) and walk over to Bender Arena to pick up your camper.  You may not wait on the road as traffic must continue through the Tunnel area. Traffic control will keep cars moving in front of Bender Arena.


What eateries are open for lunch/dinner?

On weekdays, commuters have the option of bringing a sack lunch to camp or visiting one of the campus eateries at lunchtime. Campers will be escorted to these sites by camp counselors and then lunch will be taken back to the gym.  The following eateries are located next to Bender Arena:  Subway, Eagles Nest, Mega Bytes Cafe, and Starbucks.  Pizza will also be sold during the lunch hour on certain days (TBD)


**We suggest you bring a sack lunch if you are attending camp on the weekend as campus eateries are not open on Saturdays & Sundays.  Pizza will be sold on Saturday, July 25th and Aug. 1st between the afternoon and evening sessions.  Campers are also free to order (Doordash/Ubereats) and have food delivered to Bender Arena.


When is the camp store open?

The camp store is typically open from 12:30-1:30pm and at the end of camp each day.


Is an athletic trainer available on site?

Yes, a certified athletic trainer will be on site for all camps. If there are any medical issues or injuries prior to the start of camp, please make sure to see the trainer on duty before camp begins.